We are a group of ordinary citizens who came together at the first meeting of the Action Group Network in November of 2016 in Los Angeles, California. We felt compelled to organize in light of the new administration’s denial of climate change, science, and current environmental realities. We believe that we do not have time to lose, and will act as the “Los Angeles Action Group” focused on Climate Change.

Our group name, “Our Own Damn Satellite”, comes from a speech by California Governor Jerry Brown on December 14, 2016, in which he challenged the new President’s intent to defund climate change research by saying “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellites.”

Our main mission is to help solve the problem of climate change through political, personal, and local actions. To achieve this, we:

● Mobilize and act as foot soldiers in larger actions (both political and environmental) organized by the Action Group Network and other existing groups across the state and nation
● Participate in two monthly activities (at a minimum): (1) a group meeting for discussion and guest speakers; (2) a group action
● Promote regular individual actions (both political and green lifestyle-based)
● Pool our resources, positivity and ingenuity beyond the borders of our own state
● Educate ourselves and share information
● Discuss messaging and propaganda
● Reach out to and include other concerned citizens
● Promote the formation of other small groups with similar purposes

Although there are many groups already in existence with similar environmental concerns, we are committed to acting independently – as we believe that our small size will allow us to act more quickly and nimbly – and afford us the opportunity to be more humorous, edgy and rebellious in our actions and messaging. We also hope that our small size and upstart nature will encourage others to form their own small or micro “satellite groups.” Our intention is for these groups to network together – bringing more people, more ideas, more solutions, more actions, and more strength into the movement.